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  1. Hi. I’ve been messing around making time lapse videos of SA weather/sky webcams and I would like to ask for your permission to make videos using your images.

  2. So beautiful! Wish I could be there… Australia has the most beautiful places in the world! Absolutely love it!
    Greets from Austria; not Australia 😛

  3. Just got back home from a visit to Oz for a visit with the family. Didn’t make it to Adelaide though I worked there over a long period of time. Hey, it’s good to see a corrigated roof – don’t see any in Houston. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Hi there. Always nice looking through your webcamera. I lived in Adelaide 1960-1964. Long time ago.
    Was back in 2001 en shall visit Adelaide again end October on our way to Perth.

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