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  1. The weather looks pretty nice there today. Over here in Houston, Texas we are experiencing 38 to 42 C weather and it isn’t even summer yet. We have not had any rain since April but hopefully may get some next week.

  2. I’m an Aussie from Wollongong now living in Houston, Texas. I worked in Adelaide for a few years and really enjoyed my time in the city. Good to be able to check out the weather and skyline from time to time.

  3. The best city and region in Australia, Adelaide. Was in Adelaide this time last year and will go back someday. You are truly lucky to live where you live. A Coopers and that weather would be nice right now.

  4. It’s been a much cooler summer down in Oz that you’re used to. At least you got the rain you need. Of course some areas got a ridiculous amount of moisture. Been cold,snowy, and wet all over the world.

  5. Thanks for taking a look. Unfortunately this is a fixed camera, and I can’t move it about. I will get up into the roof and clean the glass and lens for you, though!

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